Salt Creek Anthlolgy, Blog Tour 2012

Well, it's all over but the crying. Today marks the official end of Salt Creek Blog Tour, 2012. I would like to thank everyone involved for their time and their hospitality. Below is a cumulative list of the participants over the past two weeks and a link to where we parked the tour bus.

Monday, 2/20: Lori Hettler's The Next Best Book Blog
Tuesday, 2/21: Delphine Pontvieux's Miss Nyet Publishing
Wednesday, 2/22: Katherine Scott Nelson
Thursday, 2/23: Amy Guth
Friday 2/24: Jason Behrends', Orange Alert

Monday, 2/27: Victor David Giron's, Curbside Splendor
Tuesday, 2/28: Pete Anderson's Pete Lit
Wednesday, 2/29: Claire Stokes' Clarity Solutions
Thursday, 3/1: Caroline Picard's Green Lantern Press
Friday, 3/2: Ben Tanzer's This Blog Will Change Your Life