Reading on Saturday, 2/4

It's a book release party! Come and help celebrate Ben Tanzer's latest book, Be Cool at Volumes Bookcafe this Saturday, February 4th. I'll be reading along with the ever so talented Ben Tanzer and Eric Spitznagel.

A New Poem

I don't know why I didn't post this earlier, but I had a poem published at Front Porch Review. I am grateful that they gave my poem a home. Please check it out along with the other great pieces published in that issue: Icarus's Daughter

Kite Catcher

Kite Catcher
Emerald ash borers
clog your veins
and choke your tree soul
Leaves tumble from
your brittle fingertips
Your gnarled knotty
twisted old hands
grasp toward the sun
A last gasp
And in your death
you become
a kite catcher
a dream killer

The Dad-Approved 'Swear Minute'

Photo by David Long

I had an essay published at The Good Men Project about the time I allowed my kids to swear for a minute without any consequences.  Check it out here.

Sadly Beautiful - Free E-Book

Sadly Beautiful is a book I wrote over time, documenting, through poetry, essays, and short stories, some of the struggles my sister went throughout in the last few of her 36 years on this planet. I'm writing this post to let you know that it is available as a free e-book download: Sadly Beautiful

Because I am eternally grateful, I would also like to thank Leaf Garden Press for taking a chance and publishing Sadly Beautiful. I know that books of poetry aren't best sellers, let alone collections about illnesses and death.