The End...

This is the end of Jason Fisk the writer. Don’t worry - I’m okay; Jason Fisk the person is just fine, and I will happily continue on as father, husband, teacher, and whatever/whoever else I am, but as for writing, I’m done using the name: Jason Fisk. There are numerous reasons that have lead me to this decision, and I won’t bore you with any of them. 

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Reading on Friday, 9/29

I have the honor of reading with Drinkers with Writing Problems at their Lit Up! reading series next Friday. If you don't have plans, check this out. If you do have plans, change them.

A New Poem - "The Money Artist"

I had a new poem published at Eunoia Review.
"The Money Artist"

A New Poem

I had a new poem published at Red Eft Review.

Reading - Drinkers with Writing Problems

I am very happy to announce that I get to read with Drinkers with Writing Problems on Friday, April 28th! Here are the details. Check it out!