More Minnesota...

I recently went to the Twin Cities to visit a book club that decided to read Salt Creek Anthology for their July book. I want to thank Maria Armstrong for offering her cozy home as a meeting place for the discussion. Maria also wrote up a very nice review of the time we spent discussing the book, as well as touching on different aspects of the book. I am always interested in what others have to say about books or stories that I have written. Maria wrote the following:

He seems to have this zeal for getting into the nitty gritty about people and their complexities in a realist fashion. The contrast between what we would typically classify as good characteristics and bad, doesn’t really seem to matter that much to him. While most are pushing away from reality because it’s distasteful or painful, he seems to be barreling into it and wanting to define reality by looking at all the angles, not just what’s comfortable."

Thank you Maria!