Two New Poems

I recently had two poems published at The Birds We Piled Loosely:

Weekend Getaway

The TV flickered quiet
in the dark hotel room
and the kids slept
Their wind-burnt faces
beneath better bedding
than we had at home

I poured red wine into a thick sink glass
and felt the ease of alcohol unravel
the city anxiety from my shoulders
as the gritty red stained my teeth

I looked at Lake Michigan
from my borrowed eleventh floor window
like a king considering his kingdom
removed from the sound
removed from the people

That’s when I saw him
His body packed thick
with homelessness  
He walked with resolve
toward the water’s edge
without stopping
without a discernable
pause he walked
straight into the cold arms
of Lake Michigan

Holly shit, I whispered
What? My wife asked
and walked over just in time
to see the icy waves
grab him
and pull him
under the moonlit swells
and he didn’t come up
We both stared
holding our
and still
he didn’t come up

We should call someone,
she exhaled

Right, I said
Let the kids sleep...
I’ll call from the front desk

But I never made it past the hotel bar
where I ordered a glass of wine
and as I sipped
I drifted
further and
from the urgency
of the moment
and with each swig
it felt less real
And I became unsure
of how to explain
what I’d just seen


Summer Memories

My daughter’s black
rubber bottomed flip-flops
haphazardly kicked off beside
my son’s canvas Keens
lying on the splinter prone parquet floor
in the middle of the yellow walled hall
My sun dried beer soaked brain
thought it was something beautiful
something worth noting
The size of their small feet
The forgivable stink of childhood