Thumbnail 5 / Flash Fiction

I have a piece titled "Einstein's Brain" in Thumbnail Journal. Did you know that Einstein's brain was sliced and diced into 240 pieces, and his eyes were also removed and sent to his eye doctor? That was the impetus for the short story I have in this journal. Strange? Yes!
Some great writers in here, too. Here's the Amazon blurb: 

In Thumbnail Magazine's fifth annual collection of quality flash fiction, Ben Tanzer and the team from This Blog Will Change Your Life take charge. New stories are complemented by street art collected by Adam Lawrence and musical selections by Jason Behrends, with stories by Lauryn Allison, David S. Atkinson, Lauren Becker, Ryan W. Bradley, Spencer Dew, Jason Fisk, Jessi Lee Gaylord, James Grinwis, Rachel Hyman, Kyle Hemmings, Joseph G. Peterson, S. Craig Renfroe, Megan Stielstra, David Tomaloff, and Cyn Vargas. This collection also includes Morgana McLeod’s “Cotton Candy Miracles,” 2013 winner of Thumbnail’s No-Fee Flash Fiction Competition, judged by Sean Lovelace.